Weigh an Online Computer Science Program in 2018

For some students, a graduate degree in computer science simply makes sense. John Ziegler already has a master’s in systems engineering. But the 27-year-old needed a stronger background in software, he says, especially when it comes to theory. So the New York resident enrolled in the master’s in computer science online degree program at the […]

Registering for Online Courses: 5 Tips

After you decide to pursue an online degree, one of your first tasks will be to register for classes. Diligently selecting which online courses to take, with which faculty and in what order will impact your satisfaction with the program and academic success. Many universities provide online students with an academic adviser early on to […]

Choose an Online Program for a Law Enforcement Career in 2018

David Poulin Jr. desired an online master’s degree program that would allow him to advance his law enforcement career. He soon came across the online master’s in law enforcement and public safety leadership at the University of San Diego. The 2017 grad says he chose this university primarily for its reputation. For him, the online […]

Add a Credential to an Online Degree

For some students, an online degree alone may not be enough to fully meet their career goals. This was the case for LaShelle Morrison, a fifth-year student pursuing a doctorate in educational psychology partially online at the University of Iowa. “I am most interested in teaching and helping others to teach better, whether that be […]

5 Low Cost Online Colleges for Out of State Students in 2018

As more colleges and universities launch online undergraduate degree programs, many prospective students are weighing multiple options. During that process, cost is among the top factors they consider, according to a 2017 survey by Aslanian Market Research and the Learning House, a company that helps colleges and universities create online programs. For out-of-state students, there […]

Use Cambridge Qualifications to Study in the U.S. in 2018

Going to the U.S. for college was something Oshini Ekanayake always planned for. As a student in Sri Lanka, she took her Cambridge International AS and A Levels and says the advanced curriculum more than prepared her for studying in the U.S. Ekanayake was admitted to Clark University in Massachusetts. “Most of what was covered […]

Choose the Right College Major for Law School in 2018

Conventional wisdom is that career-oriented college majors in fields like business or law enforcement are more marketable and useful than liberal arts majors. But that’s not necessarily true if you’re planning to attend law school. Law school applicants from certain difficult liberal arts disciplines like mathematics and linguistics tend to achieve stellar LSAT scores and […]

3 Benefits of Online Degree Programs With Live Classes in 2018

One major difference between traditional and online education is the amount of face-to-face interaction among students and faculty. In a classroom, students engage with their instructor in person on a regular basis, while an online program primarily connects instructors and learners virtually. Some online degree programs address that lack of face-to-face interaction by implementing live, […]

What to Know About Earning an Online Degree in a Cohort 2018

Despite what some prospective students may believe, many online degree programs still allow for plenty of student interaction. A few years ago, Karah Frank wanted to pursue her social work master’s online at a reputable school so she could also continue working full time. The 30-year-old Washington state resident came across Portland State University’s online program. Once enrolled in the […]

Five Gifts for People Who Love to Learn Online in 2018

There is nothing greater than giving gifts that keep on giving, and it is with this philosophy in mind that eLearningInside News has rolled out its ideas for just a few last-minute gifts for people who love to learn online. From voice-activated interfaces to MOOCs to books about eLearning and its history, here are our eLearning-related gift […]