Calculate the cost of online degrees

Choosing between online and on-campus education and then selecting a specific program can be tricky if you don’t first determine all of the costs. Many prospective students only consider tuition and fees, what are usually referred to as “direct costs,” or those that college will bill directly to you. But they usually overlook the hidden […]

How to get an associate online college degree

After Phaedra Poliquin was admitted to Southern New Hampshire University, she enrolled in an online bachelor’s program in information technology. But then Poliquin thought: Why not pursue an online associate degree at the four-year college instead? That credential might open doors to a wider range of bachelor’s programs, she realized, and also make her more […]

Can Try an Online College After High School in 2018

Thousands of high school seniors will soon decide: What’s next for me? But what makes this question different from in years past is that more than ever, students have multiple avenues for earning a college degree. Students can choose a path that best fits their individual goals on their own terms. In the U.S., less […]

There are 4 Surprises About Online Education

When you are deciding whether to pursue your education online, there are more than a few things to consider. The flexibility of online students’ schedules and the fact that they can be anywhere in the world are great when you are traveling for business or the military, or if you just want that added convenience. […]

You can take 3 steps before an online program

Being a prospective online student can be stressful. You may investigate seemingly endless options for programs, and even when you find a perfect match, your journey is still only just beginning. There are a few things prospective students can do to find a best-fit online program that will, at the same time, help them transition […]

10 Competitive Online Colleges in 2018

Be sure to explore The Short List: College, The Short List: Grad School and The Short List: Online Programs to find data that matter to you in your college or graduate school search. Contrary to what some prospective students might think, getting accepted to an online bachelor’s program isn’t always easy. Among the 233 ranked […]

Online MBAs for International Students 2018

Through online education, international students can earn a U.S. graduate degree even while overseas. With few, if any, on-campus travel or residency expenses, online students can continue working full-time jobs in their home countries. But before deciding to enroll in a U.S. online MBA program, prospective students should consider three factors. 1. Find out if […]

Choose the Right Online MPA Program in 2018

Given his passion for public service, Gordon-Andrew Fletcher felt that a Master of Public Administration would be an ideal supplement to his law degree. When looking into different MPA programs, Fletcher also realized that completing one online would allow him to continue working full time. “I’m very busy. But I didn’t want me being busy […]

Tech Needs for Online Degree Programs

Technology smarts matter, whether you’re studying on campus or online. But as an online student, technology inherently plays an even greater role in your coursework. Knowing from the outset what technology is required can boost your chances of success. Here are four things to look into as you prepare for the semester. 1. Online course […]

Employers on Online Business Degrees in 2018

Angela Gray has witnessed employers’ changing perceptions of online education firsthand. The 36-year-old Louisiana resident is the vice president of accounting at PioneerRx Pharmacy Software, where she’s also in charge of human resources. She says she sometimes encounters job candidates with degrees earned fully or partially online. Gray is even pursuing one herself: an online […]